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If we look at the current job market, usually we find two kinds of people, one educationally sound with lack of technical & soft skill and second have sound technical skill with lack of soft skill.

Considering the above fact and to address the client’s requirements, CMS introduce training services for fresher and entry level staffs.  So, in order to bring about a measurable change in performance, cms introduce technical cum soft skill trainings for fresher and entry level staffs.  CMS use the following steps for effective trainings:

Because we realize that individuals are unique, particularly in the way they learn, a training workshop must use a variety of learning approaches in order to accommodate these differences.

CMS objective is to produce change through Training.

We know that people are motivated to learn when they see that through learning they can satisfy a need or a want, and that they may earn prestige, or increase their income and therefore provide a better livelihood for themselves and their families.

Training courses currently available at CMS are:

There is a high chance of getting job opportunities after training. Only shortlisted candidaes will be allowed to take the training.

For more details: 

Email at : or

Contact  : 977-01-4250508 or 9802074181 (Sadichhya)

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