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At CMS we understand that there are 2 key stakeholders in the recruitment process - Candidates and Clients.

For candidates, we focused on getting the right job for you, not just any job.  We will be candid with our assessment of your suitability in any role you have an interest in, and we expect clear feedback from our candidates to ensure we have made the right assessment. So we not only look at your technical fit, but organizational compatibility and whether or not the opportunity will be a positive step in your career.

 For Clients, at CMS, we know from experience that a stable pool of employees creates a competitive advantage for any organization. Selection of permanent employees, if done properly, ensures great returns on investment.  While technical competency can play a major role in increasing the productivity of your company, it is very important to consider the attitude and behavior of the candidates when selecting them. Just having the right set of skills and the experience is not enough.  The candidate should be a great match with the culture and values of your organization. With special focus on these issues, we make sure that you get the best available permanent employees through us.

At CMS, we help our clients in recruiting the right people for the right jobs in their organization and candidates getting the right job in the right company.

We use our knowledge and experience to find the right candidate for each vacancy during the employee recruitment and selection process.

Listening: to identify your market and your individual needs so that we can be your ideal staffing partner.

Sourcing: to find available candidates from the local community or from other regions using our massive network of highly specialized resources.

Screening to detect the desired skills set, qualifications and cultural fit critical to a successful placement. We conduct extensive interviews and references check.

Selection: to provide an offer and decide on the candidate ability to meet the job requirements and perform on the given scope of work.

Performance monitoring: to provide the highest level of continuous service in the industry. Our professionals are evaluated in collaboration with our clients in assessment reports.

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