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Customer Service & Experience Head

Job overview
  • Category:Telecommunication
  • Position Type:Full Time
  • Experience:3 years
  • Opening:1
  • Education:Master's Degree
Company Profile

Detailed job description / Requirement

  • Manage the Customer Service area, including staff development, budgeting, and policy implementation and Develop annual business plans / expense budgets for the customer service division
  • Provide recommendations to the CCO on major customer service decisions and carry out the policy decisions made by CCO
  • Prepare the company for a nationwide re-launch, with renewed customer service & overall experience at all touch points
  • Hire and develop customer care team
  • Acquiring business and customer intelligence to enhance customer relationship management
  • Training of the company's official dealers and distributors to be familiar with the company products/services
  • Formulate the strategic CR plans to achieve the company goals in terms of customer satisfaction through quality service
  • Smear the company in a positive light by providing friendly and prompt customer service
  • Set up the company Front Offices and processes for best customer experience
  • Prepare the report and communicate on timely basis to CCO and all concerned stakeholders
  • Call center and channel help desk management
  • Management of all customer communication towards customer and channels
  • Maintaining basic hygiene for customer onboarding to provide best of class experience
  • Maintaining 100% document for all active customers as per the government requirement
  • Fulfill all other duties based on business requirement


  • Good interpersonal skill
  • Leadership skill.
  • Experience in service industry.
  • Must have worked as customer service Head earlier.

Job Benefits

  • As per company rule

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