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Chief Sales Officer

Job overview
  • Category:Telecommunication
  • Position Type:Full Time
  • Experience:1 year
  • Opening:3
  • Education:Masters
Company Profile

Detailed job description / Requirement

  • The CSO is responsible for overall sales operations of the company in achieving the company goal of Gross adds as well as share of industry gross adds. The CSO specifically is responsible to:
    Manage the CSO area, including staff development, budgeting, and policy implementation and Develop annual business plans / expense budgets for the sales division, establish monthly sales and profit objectives
  • Provide recommendations to the CCO on major sales decisions and carry out the sales policy decisions made by CCO
  • Prepare the company for a nationwide re-launch with an extensive sales and distribution network
  • Hire and develop people in sales department
  • Analyzing competitors, regular market research, market share increase in consumer and corporate segment
  • To set up the sales strategy of the company in line with the company targets
  • To set up the distribution chain, with high advantage from competitors
  • Training of the company's official dealers and distributors to be familiar with the company products/services
  • Fraud Detection and distribution network control
  • Prepare the report and communicate on timely basis to CCO and all concerned stakeholders
  • Fulfill other duties based on business requirement


  • Good communication skill.
  • Leadership
  • Hard working
  • Motivating
  • Creative
  • FMCG experience is must
  • Telecommunication experience is advantage


Job Benefits

  • As per company rule

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