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Chief Sales Manager

Job overview
  • Category:Teaching/Education
  • Position Type:Contract
  • Experience:Above 5 years
  • Opening:1
  • Education:Masters' in Sales and Marketing
Company Profile

Detailed job description / Requirement

• Strong leadership and strategic direction to the business’s overall sales program, inclusive of securing new consumers, expanding opportunities within the current consumer base through advertising initiatives, and delivering new product offerings.
• To lead and manage all activities within the sales department
• To lead, design, and implement the business’s development activities and corporate marketing in order to increase revenue and gross profit
• To taking initiative to mentor key personnel in the sales department, ensuring their constant professional growth, and assisting them in the execution of their duties where necessary
• To increase sales revenue through the design and implementation of appropriate strategies for the each of the business’s verticals, sales channels, and services.
• To design, implement, and manage the business’s sales process, ranging from relationship development and contract finalization.
• To conduct regular research keeps up with trends and best practices, which give the business a competitive edge, and keep the business on par with some of the biggest players in the market.
• To maintain efficient and effective execution of duties within the sales department
• To establish and maintain long-term relationships with key consumers, potential consumers, and key strategic partners.


• Master’s Degree in sales and marketing
• Must demonstrate at least 5 years of working experience in a high-level sales position in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment, preferably working as sales manager
• Must be capable of passing down clear and concise messages to his juniors being the head of the entire sales department, which will greatly determine performance and efficiency across the department and also required in establishing and maintaining relationships on behalf of the business
• Must be capable of conducting standard performance, market, and competitive analyses
• Must be an approachable and likable individual who is able to make strong and meaningful connections with others, making it easy for junior and collaborating personnel to follow in his directives

Job Benefits

  • As per company rule

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