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Chartered Accountant (CA)

Job overview
  • Category:Manufacturing
  • Position Type:Full Time
  • Experience:1 year
  • Opening:1
  • Education:Qualified Chartered Accounts from ICAN or ICAI
Company Profile

Detailed job description / Requirement

Chartered accountants will be responsible to provide financial advice, audit accounts and trustworthy information about financial records. This involves financial reporting, taxation, auditing, forensic accounting, corporate finance, business recovery and insolvency, or accounting systems and processes.

  • To provide leadership and direction to the finance department
  • To prepare monthly/quarterly/annual budgets for the company& to monitor actual figures with budget.
  • To ensure timely preparation of monthly/quarterly/annual financial statements portraying true and correct picture of the company
  • To manage risk and supervise cash management and receivable management.
  • To monitor daily transaction relating to account and finance
  • To develop financial strategy and investigate ways to improve profitability
  • To oversee auditing of financial statements
  • To ensure that financial statements conform to applicable laws and procedure of the country
  • To monitor and approve bank payments, and correspondence with bank for the timely and proper maintenances of Bank Guarantees
  • To involve in product costing
  • To develop and manage financial systems/models
  • To oversee company’s investment activities
  • To remain updated about changing Government regulations, tax requirements and other economic news
  • To analyze market for business opportunities such as expansion, mergers and acquisition
  • To optimize the use of financial resources
  • To analyze the financial Data and provide input to the Board as a financial advisor.


  • At least 2-3years of experience in the similar industry.

Job Benefits

  • As per company rule

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